Thursday, July 28, 2016


Getting extra hours at work is nice for saving for my last semester of school.  Not so nice on my feet after 5.5 and a 7.5 hour shift. But I need what I can get for now.  Plus my boss likes to throw in some treats and stuff as they feel bad for making me work so long.
Managed to get a rather nasty sunburn next to my armpit which sadly rubs when I wear my work uniform and is another thing that makes long hours unpleasant for now.  But it's getting better fast so not for long at all.
My dad had a solution to the birds attacking my ear wig traps-they'd eat the bugs out of it and somehow get the can all the way to the grass in the process-by using tent stakes to nail it in place.  Can't complain about them eating the bugs, as the point was to kill the bugs to begin with.  But having to replace the bait due to the birds dumping it out is not helpful.  Now I've just got to get some that won't pull up easy or get in the way of the birds eating.
Waking up with a headache again, though getting up early for work seemed to have diminished it a bit today.  Wish I could afford better pillows, the ones at the trailer-where we went last week-were very nice.
Now I need to go see if the butternut has taken over that one pepper plant and how big the zucchini have gotten.

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