Monday, July 11, 2016


Verses evenings at work.  A coworker asked me saturday which I preferred.  Thinking about it now, mornings are crazier so it doesn't feel as long, but I tend to get stuck on the register and nothing else.  Evenings are slower, but I get to do drive and expo a lot more.  So I don't really know.
Garden's really getting going, for what actually grew.  My boss mentioned that it being my first time I shouldn't beat myself up too much.  Plus I can't exactly control the stupid crickets or what ever that are eating the smaller plants to death and ruining the larger ones.  And then something took the top off two of the bigger corn plants-I think they'll survive, but I don't think it was the crickets-so I'm getting annoyed.
One of the other pepper plants grew, and its big enough to survive! The only problem is it's very close to one my mom bought and I planted.  Right now its too small to cause problems, but when both of them get bigger it will be. So I may need to move the smaller one while the roots are still in the peat moss starter thing.  If they still are that is....

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