Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy Birthday

To quote the Frozen Fever short.  I'm now the same age my mom was when she gave birth to me.  That's not a weird feeling at all.  But ti was fun though a bit of a roller coaster.  My older-not the oldest-sister forgot and then spent a few texts telling me how bad she felt about it.  I spent about a half hour telling her to stop beating herself up. My sister in law and brother got some rather upsetting bad news so they kind of hid in their room to avoid ruining my day-wouldn't have blamed them for it though...-. Still a nice day.  Got to do baptisms-really cool scene where a visually impaired brother was both baptized and baptizing right before us-so my hair was damp for the rest of the night.  Took my mom to Denny's for breakfast, which we were not impressed.  Would have preferred Kneaders by the time we left. But the Spaghetti Factory made up for it.  And I got to spend the whole day with my mom-poor dad had to work until we went to the temple, so not nearly as much time with him-and she got my eyebrows waxed.  But I think they are finally to where she's happy with them.
Got to harvest the only lettuce we got yesterday!  Not sure when it will get eaten, but it's washed and in the fridge.  More blackberries too-of course-.  Peppers are still very small.  But the butternut is really going nuts. Already have one about four inches long.
Need to get a swimsuit soon....

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