Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Loads of fun getting home from a two day vacation to find the house so humid you feel drenched just walking in the door.  Even turning on a fan didn't help much.  Plus it was nearly 3 a.m. so I was tired.  I took a shower hoping it would help me fall asleep-it didn't work.
I guess it was such a shock given we'd been up north so things got a lot colder at night.  No fans needed there, just an open window.  There was plenty of cool breeze.
Trip was fun, though I was hoping to go tubing down a nearby river but there just wasn't time.  I got a new swimsuit anyway, as there is a family pool party coming up. I'd like to go swimming sooner, but oh well.
Set up my interview to get my endowments!  Had to chase down the ward secretary though, swear the person would disappear before I even got close.  But I found them and got it all ready.  Trying not to let my nerves talk me out of it.  If anything, that convinces me that I'm going in a good direction. They usually warn me against those type of 'risks'.
I really want ice cream right now....

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