Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day!!!

Not that I've got huge plans or anything, but it is an excuse to set things on fire that can blow up-in some cases-and get together with family.  Granted, I've been hearing fireworks for the past few days.  Kind of wish I could get some of my own, but if there are some at the barbecue that'll work just fine.
The raspberries are ripe! at least some are.  I got all the ones that were ready I could find-and the bushes got me a bit for it in the process-as well as the spinach that was starting to seed.  Not sure about the kale, have to see when my mom gets home. But I got to harvest something!
Made a cake for my sister's birthday yesterday that took far longer than I thought it would.  But she liked it.  It was a first for me so I wasn't satisfied.  Supposed to be chocolate with a chocolate lemon flavored topping-actually three different types of topping, one for the layers, one for the outside, and a final layer to kind of stick it all together-but the lemon didn't really come through.  And I burned the second layer a bit while melting the chocolate part of it. And I forgot the lemon slices to garnish it.  But I guess I can do that part today when we sing to her(I hope).
Here's to the birth of the nation!

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