Thursday, June 30, 2016

Not Cool....

Went on a young single adult trip for the past few days, and came back to a bit of a mess.  I think its mainly due to the visit of my niece starting sunday, and its not as bad as it could be.  The garden's worse.  Weeds went mad as nobody else had time to keep them down. I think I may have identified which plants are the cauliflower, as they are showing up about where they should.  But they are a lot bigger than I expected.
Raspberries are ripening! not quite ready yet, but they are getting very dark.  And the corn is really coming in now.  Poor squash and tomatoes are still struggling but the onions and other stuff are hanging in there.
Got lots of fun pictures from the trip-even some of me thanks to fellow travelers insisting on using it and talking me into stuff like paddle boarding(which is fun), tubing though not rough, and such.  Need to give those to whoever is making the slideshow of the trip....

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