Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Turns out my niece was here until 7 p.m. yesterday, not sunday so we did get to see her before she went back to her mom.  She was in a weird mood though.
Work was a bit more of the late night rush so we were ahead on cleaning stuff-even found some unusual stuff to clean-until we got a series of rushes and had people coming in around 9:45.  Thankfully the 9 cashier working with me stayed to help close due to the volume of latecomers.  Still barely got done before 11 on the closing cleanup.
Popped a large blister on my pinky and so pulling weeds was loads of fun this morning. Had to be a bit inventive about it.  Heard back from 2 jobs I applied for.  One didn't pan out beyond a phone call-figures-but the other I have an interview for tomorrow!  Its a preschool teaching type job, but sounds fun.
So hot today, supposed to get triple digits.  Not cool....

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