Monday, June 13, 2016


Got quite the rainstorm on saturday, which I hope really got the plants growing in the garden.  The one butternut squash plant seemed to explode, as its more than three times what it was last week.  I think we've got a cantelope as well as a spinach by the looks of things.  Unfortunately three seed packets got soaked(cantelope, okra, and celery) so I set up more stuff for those to be planted.  My mom is really hoping to get tomatoes today, so I have a row ready for that as well.
The rain made it a bit crazy at work, and we had a very good pastry night.  Still had leftover fruit tarts, but were down to two german chocolate brownines, one ooye gooey bar, and cookies for the most part.  But I think it made up for leaving early on Thursday so I'm still on track for my hours this period.
My poor niece (borther's daughter) got pink eye! and she was spending time with her cousins yesterday so their mom is understandably concerned.  The eye is all swollen too.
My glasses have the same scratch on both pairs.  I'm going to have take them in to find out whats up with that as there is no way I did that. Sigh.......

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