Saturday, February 28, 2015


Didn't get to write all week I think, but it's been busy.  Monday was the usual babysitting until I went to school, which was better than usual as I made it early and then got the medium format camera so I could take my shots with it, but then didn't get the film til wednesday, so I had to borrow it again.  And of course the film got jammed so I couldn't use it anyway. Grr.
Finally found a math textbook, and it came yesterday-I think, as someone put it in my sister's room(We used her account to order it and then I paid her back)so we're not sure when it came.  But she and my youngest brother kept snatching it from me to look through it so I had to get a bit possessive about it. Sigh.
We had snow thursday, and a few flakes yesterday but none of it stayed for long.  Did cool things down more though.
Have work today so I'm trying to get my laundry done before I have to go.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Well, saturday was spring declutter, then a 7 hour workday ending at 10:05.  Had fun getting to know the new night shift manager despite the long evening-the weather made for a steady line, and we had run out of a few desserts before the 8 pm half off thing started-and the cleaning went well. A few last minute customers made getting out on time tricky, but there wasn't much to do after that.
The two new cashiers were both working, so I got to work expo most of the night.  On the one hand I wanted more practice at that, but on the other I wish it hadn't been so busy for my first time on it for that long.  Thankfully I didn't have too many problems, and the manager and supervisor were helping when they could.
Yesterday I finally got to borrow the medium format camera I wanted to use for that assignment, but I still need the film.  My dad agreed to grab some for me on his way home from work today, so I just have to wait until then.
English was normal workshops, though I got my portfolio adviser during class-the teacher is the head of the creative writing department, so they offered since I didn't have one-and we turned in the journal project at the same time. I need to submit to the journal, as they asked us to, but the poems I'd planned are not yet typed up.
Today was kind of a cardio day, though my mom and I did that yesterday, with my sister and I walking up to the stake center so my nieces could hang out with kids their age.  It's a good 20-30 minute walk uphill one way, but going home was all downhill.  Very cold though.
Now that I think of it, saturday and a bit of friday were more February weather, as we had snow off and on all day.  It even stuck, but melted as soon as the clouds moved on.  But that's why work was so busy.  Plus sunday we had a high wind warning all night and into monday morning, so that kept the temperature down.  Started playing a 'cold shadow' game with my oldest niece on the way home to help her keep moving.

Friday, February 20, 2015


We finally got some rain/snow stuff, but it's been off and on, so just enough to get stuff wet-big surprise-for the time being.  At least we're getting something though.  The clouds are fun too.
My mom's visiting teachers are over right now, so I'm killing time for them to leave before I start dinner.  Not that they would mind if I did it while they were there, I'm just trying to be nice.
Work was a bit busy this morning-I suspect the weather had something to do with it-and my manager's parents stopped by and told me to tell them to 'shape up' as they were talking with the new night manager and another coworker in a rather teasing way behind the cash registers.  They were rather nervous because they didn't know their parents were there.
My sister and I both have a nasty headache, which is not helping my mood, though it's not really a bad one(my mood).

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I've only got 150 pages left of Moby Dick, just got to power through it before the end of the week.  But its so boring.... finally got to the part where they chase whales through a set of islands while being chased themselves by pirates.  That was interesting but dulled a bit by the wordiness.
Class last night ended early due to a visiting artist's lecture the teacher cut the class short-we did get through all the workshop stuff-so we could all attend.  Due to not having eaten dinner and working out before class, I only made it through 40 minutes before leaving.  I was tired, hungry and the seat was not comfortable so I felt I wasn't doing the artist justice in staying when I was barely paying attention.
Finally got paid, but don't work til tomorrow, so this next check is going to be small. Sigh...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I think he's going to be the next cat laid to rest, given how skeletal he's getting, his constant demands for attention, and the lack of eating even the soft stuff.  Plus he sounds awful compared to how he used to.  He's not that old, but he has had a hard go of it due to being stepped on as a kitten-hence the bipolar issue-and now we fear he's got worms and the same illness that killed Princess.  Granted, we don't know if she was sick, but she acted the same way.
Be sad, but if it's his time to go, we can't do much about it except try and make it painless.

Saw the movie Space Pirate Captain Harlock, which is Japanese in origin, but they made an english dubbed for it.  You can tell that by the way the character's mouth movements don't match what their saying. But it's kind of a grabbing movie, and not bad storyline either.

Still haven't quite finished Moby Dick, but I needed a break.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Happy Valentines Day! And Presidents Day is today of course, but I had to cover the first one as well.  My valentines was a bit lonely due to having to work and then having to exercise alone because my mom was not home yet. Of course then during my warm up I felt like I couldn't breathe and had to go back inside the heated house-workout area is not heated and its half underground-for ten minutes before I could finish.  Probably not the best way to do it, but what else could I do?
Got off work right on time, given how many of the treats went before the half off thing started so people weren't as interested.  Don't have work today, so I've been catching up on Moby Dick(I can't agree with Matilda's assessment that its 'lovely', just to long and wordy for me) and getting my scooter out of the garage and running for a bit.  Took a while and the help of my oldest sister before it was running properly, then we ran to the store on it to keep up the effort.
My throat was still not happy yesterday, and I've got a bit of it still today from the saturday thing. Grr. At least its slowly going away.  My oldest sister had it too, so we hung out til around sacrament meeting and then went to church(still missed the sacrament, sigh) but did not stay for the linger longer.  Cold cereal on a sore throat plus they didn't seem to have any good stuff.
Also got some new pants and a new dress, but that ate up my spending for this check.  Just need to fill up my truck, and pay my parents back for gas the last two times-had to use the first attempt to buy stuff for dinner-not to mention tithing.  But it's been a good day I think.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Pre Valentines Dance

The yearly thing the do at my parent's ward-used to be my ward too-for valentines.  Usually involves kareoke, dancing to old and new songs, a local band performance, and a lot of sugar.  And a very late night too.

Getting there with Moby Dick, though I am still way behind.  Only about a 150 pages into.  And I must say it is rather weird.  The narrator, Ishmael, keeps going off on tangents, though they do kind of relate but it makes for a long story.  Of course that is all the teacher quizzed us on, despite the other hour of reading we were supposed to do, and I did rather than just try to catch up.

Work was mainly chocolate covered strawberries, with a few heart sugar cookies thrown in.  My manager told the other cashier and I that if they sold more half dozen boxes of cookies than we did, we'd have a problem.  The owner slash manager heard of it from me at the end of my shift and joked that they'd have to tease the manager because both of us got more than them.  But it was fun trying to see how to go about it.

Well, I have a test I need to do for math, then dinner before the dance.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Craze...

Today at work that's what a lot of the sales were.  Granted the customers bought lunch too, but they were looking for stuff first.  Made for a crazy day, especially for the new cashier, who had to figure out the register while trying to make the order accurate.  Not that any of us are perfect at it, we just know how to catch 95% of them before the customer pays so as to avoid a bigger issue that has to be fixed.

Workshop wasn't as bad, given I had six photo's, but they still want me to get a lot more for my project.  The teacher challenged me to do feline point of view shots and prove them wrong about how those would go over.  Which means borrowing my mom's camera again-though I might try some with a medium format film camera when I can get the film for it-and running around for a while.

Lots of reading to do too...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Another cool pic moment that I have to keep in memory.  Oh well.  I'll get my own someday, just have to wait for it.

Work was busy, though not at first.  Lot of new customers I think, given how many people asked me what was good.  Some valentine stuff too-big surprise-but mainly pre-ordering.

A coworker and I were having a battle scar conversation about our respective trucks.  Their's is about the age of mine, but the damage is a bit less obvious.  They have a toyota too, whereas mine is a ford.  But there is a lot of similarities, though the other truck is a bit taller.  And they don't have the shell on the bed that mine does.

Workshop today, not so welcome...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Want My Own Camera.

I keep seeing stuff I want to photograph but the only camera I have is the lousy one on my cell phone.  And I've already mentioned the fact that I can't use those for my class. Grr.  Really awesome clouds today too...

My mini group for english got broken up and split into the three other ones.  No one wanted to leave their group for ours, so we had to split up. But we did our magazine presentation first, and I think they had loads of fun with the finger painting bit.  Research paper on journals due week after next, and I have to upload something for workshop again.

Photo class was fun, though I only got four pictures printed  for this wednesday's workshop.  Printer had a clogged nozzle so I ran out of time.  At least I got to show the teacher all the photo's I took with my mom's dslr.  We also did a photoshop quiz-just to see what we knew, not for a grade-and finished off the last person from last wednesday's workshop.  They got mad at me for bringing it up.

My coworkers and I kind of had a steal the cleaning rag war for the last bit of work today.  One stole a second's rag first, then the second one stole my rag.  I kind of jokingly grabbed the rag I was using later when the second was checking an order that was ready with me.  But it was all in fun.

Monday, February 9, 2015


Met a younger person who went to the junior high while I worked there.  They recognized me, but I had to ask before either of us knew why.  This was friday.  Saturday we had a crew of about eight county deputy's come in for lunch.  Found out why when I got home-some big event in another town.
Two or three nice days in a row, then today it is not only cloudy, we've got a bit of rain coming down.  I can dream that it'll snow, right?
Choir practice yesterday had the usual visitor: a 18m to 2 year old very cute who loves to stand in the doorway and lean around the frame while we sing.  This time they had a bunch of Cars stickers stuck all over their forehead.  But it's nice to know they like the singing at that young of an age, even if they are running away from the nursery people to do so.  At least they know where to find the child.
Met the new cashier at work saturday too, who asked me a couple of questions when I wasn't busy.  At least I know the register well enough to help.  Still learning drinks and expo, but so are they.
My sister took my nieces to the aquarium today, so I can hopefully make a big step with my homework-mainly math.
Had a very weird dream last night, which was kind of work, kind of home, and some place I'd never been in real life mashed together with people from each placed randomly showing up.  Why do they make sense during the dream but when you wake up you can't say for sure what was going on?

Friday, February 6, 2015


I'm sleeping plenty yet I still feel tired.  Getting old, since it's been three day of this.
Made it to class early with my snacks-it was my turn to bring them-and I think they were rather popular.  Especially the crackers, cheese, and meat tray I found at the store.  There was some left but I felt good about bringing it after a classmate thanked me for my choices.
I got a notification on the receipt about getting 50 cents off gas at that store, but when I tried to use it it was gone.  Good thing was I still had 10 cents off, but I'm getting annoyed by people using the points I earned up for that before I can.  I was trying to let my parents use it as they were low.  But 10 cents meant I got 8.2 gallons for $14.00.  Have to pay them back for it though.
Got a hold of Moby Dick finally, and started reading it so I'm not as behind.  Put a hold on Firefight, but that one is not crucial for school, just for me.  Of course it reminds me of Matilda, the opening page anyway.  And I have Star Trek Next Generation's quote of it running through my head.  Can't remember the movie title that is was in.  I know it was when the borg go after earth.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch it.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


We got rain, so at least that's clearing up the inversion for the moment.  But it wasn't a lot, so I hope there was more going on in the mountains.  At least I got a few more cloud pictures for my photo class project-kind of given up on the dead animal thing, as I've had little to no luck there-and now I've got them on my new usb.
Class almost ran late yesterday, as we were workshopping the second group in the class and there was a lot of talking.  I kept zoning out because I was tired in a weird way.  Sigh.  Did manage to make some comments so the teacher didn't think I was actually asleep in my chair even when my eyes were open.
Just some reading today, and math I hope to get to as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Stupid mouse keeps glitching so I click twice on most everything and when I try to get to blogger it takes me to google books! Sheesh.  Have to get a new mouse if this keeps up.
My teacher asked me to stop with the cell phone photos, think I mentioned it yesterday.  Yet today the only camera available to take photo's with when I needed it was my cell phone.  How do I work that?  Take better cell ones? or get my own? or even steal my mom's when I feel I need it? Not doing the last one there.  It's not my camera.
Math is giving me a headache.  Of course, so is trying to work with photography when I only have a 35mm black and white slr to work with besides my cell phone.  And I don't have the film for the camera.
This semester is a headache...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Groundhog Day!

School's heating up so I don't have as much to do this as I did during the fall. Looks like we may not have an early spring as usual, though that's not very depenable either way.
I had a conversation with one of my coworker's last friday about whether I prefer day or evening shift.  I told them that it was hard to say, given day is usually so busy I couldn't talk to coworkers very much, whereas evening is slower and I seemed to have too much time to talk.  So it depended.
I'm hitting a dead end with my current photo project, so I'm having to rethink it.  My teacher is getting annoyed about the fact that my only camera is my cell phone at the moment and they don't much like those.  But I don't have a lot of options unless I steal my mom's dslr and run around with it for a while.
And I've got to crack down on math...