Thursday, June 16, 2016

Aww Man.....

A movie rental store near my house is closing.  One of the last few it seems.  They lasted a lot longer than Blockbuster though.  And they had a much wider selection too.  But they're selling all of it now and closing down. Sad.
Trying to set up payroll for the school district and having issues.  Won't let me use my password for some reason. And the security questions are wrong somehow.
Finished planting tomatoes yesterday, which means we had to mess with the watering line pressure to ensure all of them are getting enough water.  Poor squash plants were looking a bit forlorn.  Also had to do some weeding as they were taking over one or two of the rows already.
Heating back up rather quickly, after the rain on monday and the wind for the past two days. Fun....

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