Monday, August 1, 2016


I noticed the other day that sunday is like my hair brush.  Throughout the week I collect dirt and stuff from the world that can weight me down and build up until I'm worn out.  But if I clean the 'brush' out once a week it never gets that far.  Like going to church on sunday and spending time with family after.  It cleans out all the junk in my head and heart and lets me carry on for another week.  May not feel that way for everyone, but it does for me.
The garden's finally kicking off on production.  Harvested 2 zucchini on friday and another today.  Also picked a butternut but it may have been too early.  Got a whole bag full of kale-which I thought was long gone-and we've been using that for green shakes.  Even two cantelope growing, and a watermelon.  May need to re-harvest the lettuce soon.  And I've still got one onion.  The other two have vanished.
My brothers are supposedly weeding the garden before I get out there, but I'm seeing loads of weeds trying to choke the plants so I don't know where they are pulling. Sigh.
Pulled three 7 hour minimum shifts thursday, friday, and saturday.  Not that I mind too much, as I need the hours.  But my feet hated me after.  Had to ice my heels-hate bursitis-before they calmed down a bit.

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