Thursday, August 25, 2016

Even in Refreshers

you can still learn something.  The teacher taught us a trick for solving quadratic equations without doing trial and error on the rather hard ones.  Still takes work, but its much better than trying to guess multiple times. And I only needed a few tries at it to get the hang of it.  I did write it down in my notes to ensure I'll remember it for the semester.
Got my first substitute teaching offer, though it's for a fifth grade class and only half a day.  But it'll be my first time unless something sooner comes up-its not until the 20th of september-and I can be nervous about that.
My parents helped me out with this semester's tuition, and gave me more than I'd hoped for.  So now I've got breathing room regarding textbooks-really only for math so far-should I need to get them.  And the teacher responded about my textbook and says I really need the latest edition.  I think I can get it used online for less than $20. Would be nice.
Would really like to get my truck to stop leaking power steering fluid.  Having to crank it may be a good workout but it's a little scary on the highways and such.

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