Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Had a story idea I want to do for nanowrimo this year.  Just have to remember to write it down-can't type it yet or I can't count what I've typed for nano-so I can remember the details I've worked out. Need to find a notebook I haven't already written in the back of.  Need it for the prerequisite math class thing anyway.
Got the last interview for my endowments done yesterday-took a lot longer than the usual interview I've done before, so I was late to class as a result(they don't schedule before 6 and the class starts at 6:30)not that the teacher seems to mind. Plus my grandma paid for all the clothing stuff and my dad got me a suitcase/bag for me to carry it in(have no idea how you're supposed to carry it all otherwise) so I'm ready for saturday material wise but can't get rid of the butterflies so far. Sigh.
The class is fairly simple.  No homework, but a lot of in class review and work.  Was late monday because of picking out my clothing stuff, but yesterday was later.  The teacher has a sheet that we put our names on so they know we are there. Had five of us monday, went up to six yesterday.  The lower level one had more, but I bet it's mostly just out of high school kids,
Set up the grasshopper trap, now I get to see if it actually works.  Wonder why they want a glass jar? I used a plastic mayo container per my mom's request-can't blame her for not wanting to give up a good mason jar, we use those for other stuff-and I don't know if that makes a difference.  Plus I didn't have time to bury it either.

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