Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Kind of hard to not wince when you hear about people not getting great customer service at work-though not at your location-and hoping to clear up the bad feelings.  Happened with be connected to the new store that opened a few months ago, and I got one of those disgruntled customers yesterday.  We were able to help them and hopefully give them a better view of the store.
Today we got a 2 to 3 p.m. rush which left a bunch of customers upset as we were a bit short on employees-manager had to meet with an inspector(we passed that part thankfully)-and so it was taking a lot longer than usual. Got through that and then someone managed to freeze the computer screen I was using for orders so I couldn't log out or clock out.  And I wound up staying an hour later to help out.
Got tomatoes!  Mostly cherry right now.  Got far enough into the weeds that it takes nearly an hour to get a full bucket as they are so small. Cantelope is getting close and I'm keeping an eye on the corn-going to be small even if I can harvest them-they have a lot of cobs showing up. Butternut is still not ready, but we're going to get a bunch when I can finally harvest it.
My mom got me a cute shirt yesterday after she dropped my brother off at job corps-apparently a 'soggy' moment according to my dad-which I'm saving for school.

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