Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I wish it would rain! Sheesh.  So humid I rather miss the hot dry days.  At least a little anyway.  Both have their own reasons for not being fun.
Trying to figure out a deer deterrent for my melons, not big enough to attract them yet, but they will be soon enough.  Very frustrating to come out to a huge chomp in a water melon or bits left of a cantelope.  Not sure why they don't ever eat the whole watermelon, though my mom thinks it may be a not quite what they wanted thing.  But it ruins the whole melon as it rots after that.  I suppose its good they eat the whole cantelope, but they tend to stomp on the plant a bit which can ruin other melons.  Funny they don't like butternut or zucchini.
Getting nervous about endowments, though I had to call the temple 3 times-first time the scheduling desk hung up on me(or my phone did, I'm not sure which)second time went to messaging and then hung up(grr) third time I got them.  Same poor lady on the phone had to help me each time.  She was very patient though.  My grandma's very excited.
School's coming up, and they started a new thing that means I won't have to take a test to get into my math class!  just take a new refresher course thing they just started doing.  Costs more than the test, but is a better guarantee about getting in. Plus I'm not good at testing in math...
Just have to work with my boss to ensure I can do both my endowment and the class(same week in the evenings-go figure) which I'm trying to do now.

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