Monday, August 8, 2016


They ate my lettuce! gah.  So worried about them eating my cantelope and watermelon I never thought they'd go for the lettuce.  And it was almost ready to harvest. At least those two are still safe, though I may have to redo my deer scarer as it doesn't seem to be working. And I need to set up a grasshopper trap-as even if I get rid of the deer they may still go after that stuff-as I now have a bottle I can try with.
Guess I shocked my dad yesterday by snagging his dark chocolate pomegranate treats while they were sitting right next to me.  I didn't ask but I did tell him.  I guess I let a rather frustrating week and a lousy day get the better of me.  So I gave them back and apologized, but I'm not sure he's forgiven me. He did give me some later, but hasn't said anything other than he's lost faith in me. Sigh...
May have to reschedule my endowments-part of the frustration, as well as having issues communicating with the bishop and my boss-so that I can do the prerequisite class for math.  Rather not, but I may not have any other option.
My mom wants me to go shopping with her, though I don't have money at the moment.  Oh well.

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