Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Things about the first day(s)

Of a semester I forgot: Parking, especially for fall semester, is insane. Spent a half hour yesterday trying to find a spot. Today wasn't so bad, but I got there a lot earlier than yesterday. Felt bad for those who were looking when I went by between classes.
Bookstore has a line that winds through the whole store and nearly back out the door just for textbooks. At least they gave us candy for the wait(sounded like someone ran off with two of the cashiers).
Remember that are nice: 90% of classes on the first day and sometimes the first week end early. Ones that don't are either 50 min(mon, wed, friday types) or institute(really don't mind that one). Art classes usually end early for the first week. 'Academic' classes are usually first day only. not very early, but a good 15-20 minutes. Art was an hour.
Lot of businesses come in with free stuff and contests. Like a credit union doing a 'guess how much' thing for free stuff.
For fall its the blood battle with another university!  Today went rather well, considering last time I tried I couldn't give a full one.  The worker commented that my veins wanted to bleed, as the finger they stuck for iron testing bled through the band aid and was threatening to go through the second one they put over it.  Then the main site bled through the gauze I held over it so they rolled up another one and put that down with a band aid and then the wrap.
Not so nice things that shouldn't happen on the first week: Alarm failing to go off so you wake up at 6:50 for a 7:30 class.
Failure to secure needed textbooks before class starts. So I had to buy some today. Sigh....
And finding out your vehicle has a broken power steering reservoir cap and that's why it keeps running out. I can afford a new one though.

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