Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fog, Fog, and More Fog

Both yesterday and today we had very thick fog-partly a yucky inversion-that is really cool to look at but no much fun to drive through.  Got really thick right before the mouth of a canyon on my way to school yesterday, and then cleared right up after that.  And looked not to far off a hurricane type during the clear part.  Did something similar today, but without the near whiteout before clearing.  Got some fun pictures on the bus though.
I guess I should mention that the reason I don't want to hang out with that classmate is this particular one likes to find graphic road kill and mess around with it.  And they make me uncomfortable just being around them in class and viewing their work.  They want me to be uncomfortable it seems, yet I'm uncomfortable just in class with them.
At least I have Institute-which is right after that class, yay!-and intro to teaching, as I may be pushed to 'get out there' but not by doing stuff that is not only gross but likely to get me in a lot of trouble.  I am worried as there is a large class project coming up in studio lighting-a lot of the same classmates in addition to the same teacher-which everyone has input on.  And everyone else already has some unpleasant ideas. Sigh....

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