Monday, July 21, 2014


I don't think they expected that much of a response for the million names indexed challenge going from 6 p.m. yesterday to 6 p.m. today.  I was barely able to get a batch and submit it, and none of my siblings or either parent could.  Felt bad about that, plus I managed to download two extra batches in the process-not sure how.  I just did the one though, hoping if I got off quickly they'd be able to get in.
Forgot last week that my teacher and a classmate had a interesting encounter tuesday and thursday.  the classmate promised to bring drinks tuesday and completely forgot.  they came to class early that same day to apologize.  The teacher admitted to having a bit of fun with it, and then felt really bad thursday when said classmate showed up an hour or so early with five bottles of martinelli's sparkling juice.  The teacher went and grabbed two little Caesar's pizza's to try and make up to them for it.
I think they forgot that the teacher said not to try and 'one up' each time with what said student brings, though the classmate was simply making up for their lapse.  It was fun anyway.
Had loads of cloud cover yesterday, with some of nature's fireworks to go with it.  A city close by got rain, but we just got the thunder. 

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