Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That Was Cool.

We went to Buffalo Wild wings for my birthday yesterday, and the server came by with a flashing red light-like a police car-and a microphone to announce my birthday and give me a large piece of almost dark chocolate cake with ice cream.  They called out my name and the age I am now, and asked everyone to say happy birthday with them. The response was mainly from my table despite the large amount of customers, so the server proclaimed that 'okay, that was lame, lets try again' and got a much better response.  The cake and ice cream was great too.
We kind of had a micro burst-without the rain-when we were leaving, so things were flying around a bit.  Watched Studio C videos after that.
Got a call this morning-Got the Kneaders job!  Start thursday.  Glad I took the food handlers test last week, now I just need to print off the temporary one today.

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