Friday, April 4, 2014

Almost There...

Got five pages done for my 3080 paper.  Did get my handout printed so the teacher can copy it for me.  Still had a headache this morning and it's finally fading now.  Took that assessment thing for Japanese-which of course they covered something from an earlier part of class so I could barely understand what I was reading.  Much less respond well.
My poor friend from 3080 and linguistics got sick three days this week and missed a bit.  They get sick a lot sadly.
A friend from world lit thought I was in their spanish class and asked me if that class had been canceled.  Funny thing was, during that class-world lit-some student was trying to either stand up on the sidewalk railing outside the classroom or walk on it.  They could get up on it but fell off rather quickly.  Towards the end of class they were joined by another student.  Some speculated that they were practicing that par core stuff.
Windy during work, so I lost my head thing a few times and banged my shins again.

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