Friday, April 11, 2014


That's the strangest name I've heard of for a internet hack, but I guess they have their reasons.  Kinda scary though, given both my university and gmail are listed as affected.  Figures.
Went to Kneaders for breakfast with my institute committee and tried their sourdough pancakes.  Not bad, but they are huge.  barely finished the three I was given.  And they had those on endless refills.  The men had another competition over who could eat the most french toast-record is five, but today the winner didn't even finish his fourth-and one of the other women told me I should count my pancakes as six french toast given how much bigger and denser it was than the toast.  The men didn't agree.
I am sore.  The new sign is not that much heavier, but after four hours it makes a big impact.
School was normal though I was cramming last minute to get the kanji for the quiz down.  Didn't, but did better than I might have thanks to a classmate lending me their study aids-cutouts of each kanji with their english translation and then with combinations-before class started.  English was the last of the presentations, and the friend who sits next to me was admitting to their own nerves.
Got my draft back from my world lit teacher, and they gave me notes along with a short letter about what they thought so far.
Work was dealing with dying headphones-starting cutting out yesterday, and today couldn't hold the volume-and watching the Papa Murphy's sign waver try to toss and sign their sign only to drop it-at least three times.  Plus cars of little kids yelling and waving at me, my parents borrowing my truck and then bringing it back-my mom joked that it was a stick up and I needed to surrender my keys when they came to get it-and they then meeting my manager.
My parents got bugs this week, my dad got pinkeye and my mom got some stomach bug, and my brother nearly caught it.  Do not need to get sick right now...

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