Monday, September 29, 2014


Spent an extra half hour at work saturday, then had women's conference.  Yesterday I woke up way early feeling like someone just stabbed me in my left calf with a rather blunt yet narrow object.  Both my calves were stiff all day.
Of course my poor manager found out something was very wrong with a pie we were serving.  The customer brought up the piece they'd paid for and said it was salty.  My manager put a bite in their mouth and then dropped it back on the plate.  The plate was then dropped in the trash, and the manager pulled the remaining pie out of the fridge.  I might have found it funny if not for the look of horror on my manager's face as they tried the dessert.
Then today things were a big scattered, and we had another contest.  But no prize for winning.  Just to see how many pumpkin bread and any combo meals we could sell. I might have won that one, but I wasn't sure...

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