Monday, August 11, 2014

Not. Fun.

Get to work today only to find out that because we'd moved the scissor lift and boom camera to the practice field on saturday the landscaping crew was now mad at us.  Mainly because the scissor lift has tough wheels and dug into the grass quite a bit so they had to fix it.
we tried to remedy the issue by using plywood boards to protect the grass-after we got yelled at twice-and then the stupid boom camera wouldn't work after morning practice!  Gah!
Didn't help that it was very hot and I got a bit sunburned-livable though-because we did a lot of moving around outside-can't help where the football team practices.
Then I found out I'd have to forgo any student loans in order to qualify for works study, and even then its a maybe.  Grr...
Got my math final done, but the calculator I was using didn't want to do the log function so I may have got some wrong...

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