Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day of the Triffids

An old book about the world going blind due to some kind of meteor shower thing and then getting swamped by beings called Triffids.  Think of venus fly traps standing over seven feet tall that have three roots and a couple of slender 'leaves' that rattle around the base of the stem.  These plants can uproot themselves at full growth and go for humans using a lethal 'sting' of venom they project for about three feet.  I'm reading the thing for english class.  Funny thing is, the teacher told me it was scary.  After watching World War Z-which is very similar save it's plants and blindness rather than zombies-its not that scary.  Definitely creepy though.
Have another interview, but it's quite a ways down south so I'm not too keen on the job.  Math quiz coming up...

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