Monday, December 29, 2014

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

All weekend.  Even some this morning.  Cold as usual.  Dad and mom had to shovel the driveway before the oldest and youngest of my brothers living at home got back from their early morning job.  They had to drive through the storm.  Snowed sunday, which I tried to clear off for my parents before they got back from church and it didn't work.  Plus the ice areas are still very much there. Grr.
Went to the new burger place next to my work-my sister and I as she was picking me up from work(tried to get my truck evaluated for repairs before work and my mom dropped me off)-and the man behind the counter reminded me of Westley from the Princess Bride after he's a pirate.  For some reason that really amused my sister.
So far going to take some time to get my truck back to passable condition...

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