Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Had two days of high wind warning, which not only blew snow back onto the driveway-and possibly furthering the ice issue on ours-but dropped the temperature to five degrees last night.  Needless to say my truck did not like moving-only a little trouble starting-in those temperatures.  My dad's big f-150 didn't like it either.  He had to come pick me up from the auto repair place where I had dropped off my truck to get the damage from the accident repaired.  Hopefully it will be done friday so I don't have to wait til monday for my truck.
My cat Midnight decided that since Princess has been gone long enough for her smell to fade from the house, she should be the new house cat this morning.  She ran in while my dad was bringing out warm water to the garage where we 'imprisoned' them(all the cats) during the cold with a heater on over night.  Spent several minutes without managing to catch her, so we waited until she relaxed a bit then my brother-who tries to claim her as his when I'm not looking-grabbed her and put her back in the garage.
Dad had to clear off the driveway this morning, as the wind seems to have stopped, but the ice factor is still very much there. Grrr...

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