Friday, December 26, 2014


Woke up before 9 to go shovel the driveway in hopes that it would melt before the sun went down and we wound up with a ice sheet instead.  Most of it is now clear, but we do have a patch where I was hoping we wouldn't get one, as that's the hardest place to melt off once it turns to ice. Sigh.
Saw the Penguins of Madagascar today, which is funny, but not what I'd expected.  Had a view point they didn't reveal in the trailers.
Reminded today of a conversation I heard at the Christmas party monday, where a mother was receiving less teasing from her now parenting children about stuff she'd done while they were growing up.  Now they-and my sister-are realizing why mothers and fathers do that stuff: having kids has that effect on a person.  I don't even have my own yet and I get that.  Plus my youngest niece turned her chocolate milk upside down in her lap before anyone realized what she was up to.  Couldn't keep from laughing when we caught on, as she had quite the look of determination as she held the cup.
Might get more snow tonight, but it was very cold last night.

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