Friday, June 13, 2014


Hot yesterday, hot this morning too.  Did a lot of weeding for both.  Had a nice micro-burst last night, which cooled things off for a bit.  My parents heard there was a small earthquake in a town south of us and wanted to make sure things were okay.  We didn't notice.
Trying to work on my last paper for my novel workshop class.  Got an idea, but need to flesh it out.
Finally heard that my scooter is ready for pickup, then found out they went and did a whole lot more than the rear brake and tire fix I'd asked them to do.  Supposed to be $200 max from the original estimate, and now they're charging me $350 or so for repairs I never asked them to do, and they didn't tell me they were doing.  I knew some of the stuff wasn't in good shape, but I was either going to leave it or do it myself. Grr.

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