Monday, October 20, 2014


Well, the weekend was crazy, with my parents supposed to be out of town having a nice weekend with my grandma but they came home yesterday saying they needed a vacation from that vacation.  Took my sister's dog to the vet-he'd hurt his back somehow-and then brought him home.  Would have taken a lot longer given they were booked til 9:20, but the main vet is in my parents ward and they found an opening within a few minutes so I was done before 9:10.  Poor dog's on meds and bed rest for two weeks.  Meds are making the dog very restless.
My dad's cat isn't doing so well either, but she's mending faster.  Has some kind of injury to her left cheek that got infected-may be two there, but it's hard to tell-so we've been washing it with baby shampoo and it's been going down.  It was also oozing, so that may be helping too.
Got my truck registered today, to me.  License plate is kind of fun, though it took far longer than I'd expected.  Had to go to the bank to get a signature-something about a lien holder signature-then go back.
Brother's car is still out of commission.

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