Friday, March 28, 2014

My Heart Can't Take Anymore...Junk Food?

This was a joke I shared with a classmate.  During the first set of presentations in english 3080 today a classmate brought cupcakes.  I asked a different classmate which kind they'd gotten and they answered me with the above statement-minus the last two words.  I added them to which we both laughed.
Changed the marquee today with the help of three committee members.  Two boys and one girl, so they boys decided it should be a 'race' of boys verses girls.  The girls won, but the boys complained that the other girl-who'd been giving us the letters to put up-couldn't do both at once and so he had to wait for his 'partner'.  He still had to straighten the letters after I'd finished, and he nearly caught up to me twice.  Made it go a lot faster than usual.
My parents and siblings were doing tree trimming today, so I went to help drag the branches out to our woodpile.  One of the bushes they trimmed had burst into bright yellow blossoms and after dragging most of those over to the pile I commented to my mom that we'd 'set the pile on fire' with them.  Then I grabbed the camera and Elicia and took a picture of her on top of the pile.  Thought it'd be funny in class tomorrow.

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