Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oh Fine.

Yesterday was standard for Spring break save the 35-40 minute walk to go get my truck at 9 a.m.  It runs much better now thanks to the tune up.  No further trouble with the left turn signal.
Had a kid ride his bike past while I was at work and say he loved me.  I'd rather not focus on the minimum 10 years age difference there.  Also say my best friend's mother with a car full of girls who all waved at me.
Of course, I wake up just fine today but on the way to my youngest brother's track meet I begin to develop a migraine.  Managed to skip the worse of the pain but been queasy and dizzy ever since.  Grr.
We get home and my mother's male dog got stepped on by the bigger female one and now has a nice slash on his leg.  My mom and I had to wrestle with him to get it bandaged and cleaned.  He's cowering under the computer desk now.
Finally got my mom her camera bag-for less than I'd thought I would.

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