Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope you remembered the green!  I forgot so I pulled out the dark green handkerchief I'd been using at work to cover my scalp and tied it around my neck.  Looked a bit funny, but it worked.
Got up early to do the Japanese homework I didn't get to last week, only to get to class and find out the teacher got real sick and canceled class for today.  At least it's done now.
Very cold wind all day, with rather strong gusts.  At work I felt very much in common with the cab driver in Arsenic and Old Lace-old black and white film-where he says "I'm not a cab driver I'm a teapot!" indicating that the wind forced him to stand with one hand over his head-for his hat-and the other on a fence post.  I was more of a squished one given the sign I had to fight to hold on to at times.
Downside is the cold drained me so I'm real tired. 
And it's snowing now.  Today's just big on irony for the moment.
Doing family research for FHE.

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