Thursday, March 20, 2014

Watch the Sunburn...

At least it feels like my face and neck keep getting it.  Not too bad though, so not an issue-yet-.  Rather nice today, save the wind trying to bruise my shins again.
School was fun, as we got out of art a bit early for a thursday-tuesday's the official earl;y out day-so I had time to eat my lunch and finish my linguistics packet before that class.  Now have an over the weekend test to do for that.
Japanese test 2 tomorrow. Sigh.  Starting to panic a bit with my papers and found out the earliest one due isn't until the 7th with the next one due the 18th.  Pay more attention to deadlines...
My siblings and or parents have been doing something in the garden today.  there are at least a dozen piles of dirt or something next to the area by the three fruit trees.  Mulch or plowing?

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