Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Always Waiting....

So it seems anyway.  Right now I'm waiting to meet with my art teacher about my second project for the class.  Have a bit of a rough draft ready, but still plenty I can ask them about.  Ran into my cousin on the way up the road-walking to the bus stop, as I let my sister use my truck to get to work-so they gave me a ride to school.  Meant I got here way early and had time to go bug the english department-again-about my graduation requirements.  Because now my portfolio and public reading are missing. I did that stuff spring 2015! Sigh....
Math's still going well, so far I have an 85% average.  First test and 3rd quiz tomorrow will make things interesting.  And I've got to get the homework for all that done when I get home.  Get dinner going first as it's a crock pot thing and should leave me most of the after noon for homework.
Talked to the night shift manager about learning to make sandwiches and such when my fellow cashier is done with their training and they said they'd be happy to arrange that.  Pretty sure my coworker is just about done so it shouldn't be too long.
So that's week 4 in the middle.

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