Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sometimes you can get those 'crazy' coworkers.  Not as in they are dangerous, but they have a habit of coming up with the most random yet funny topics for conversation.  At my job we get a half of of break time, and guess what we do when we finish eating.
We do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.  And have as much fun with it as we can.  Plus we learn new things each time.
Yesterday we planted trees for Arbor Day (yes, we know it's next month, but it falls right on finals week so they chose to do it early to promote volunteers) around one of the practice fields.  We got quite a few volunteers, but most of us were the landscaping crew.
We had one tree were the dirt didn't fill the hole after we put the tree in, and we couldn't figure out how that happened.  It still worked though.  Two trees root balls fell apart as we tried to put them in the hole, so that provided an adventure.
On a down note, try explaining to your coworkers that your standards don't match theirs so you get uncomfortable when they start lowering their language use.

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