Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Break!!!

Okay, I still have to go to work-now that I have a job.  But I don't have school or homework.  I will probably try to get ahead on some things because I can't really go anywhere.  But at least I'm not stressing over things for a week. 
And work's not so bad.  It's finally warming up-we got rain/fog yesterday but not enough to drop the temperature.  And my job is all outside, which I won't complain about that as I spend so much time inside with school.
My younger brother's still looking for a job, though he has a lot more time than I do as he's not going to school.
Had a weird dream last night, one that picked up after I got out of bed for  a while then went back to sleep.  My family had gone to some condo and I drove there to join them.  It was stormy, but no rain.  Kinda weird as the clouds looked like the rain was falling, but there was no sound.  Water spilled on the floor and most of the dream was me listening to their conversation while trying to clean up the floor.  The floor looked like carpet but felt like those rubber mats people put down to protect carpet.  I can't even remember the conversation they were having...
I suppose it would be a better spring break if I could go somewhere, but everyone else has different school shcedules than me.

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