Saturday, May 25, 2013


Well, more attacking bushes this week.  But not rose bushes this time.  Just flowering ones.  Had to weed underneath some rather nasty ones wensday.  Had to move four yesterday-these didn't have thorns, but they did't need them either.  Having difficulties with a sprikler valve.  It leaks constantly and now I fear it has rusted beyond use.  We found a fountain where a sprinkler was supposed to be yesterday too.  The threads for the sprinkler had worn so smooth that turning the water on shot the sprinkler clean off.
Finally got swimming goggles, so I'm getting better at swimming properly.  No class tuesday though, as our teacher had something come up.  I like my english teacher, even though she has to give us a lot of reading in order to cover all the material by the end of class.  She set up tests instead of large papers, and let us take them at home.  We can use our books for one part of these tests, but not the other two.  Still went better than I thought, as I just took it.  Hope I did well...

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