Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Ney Year 2014!

Yep, it's a new year yet again.  The rose parade said it's on it's 125 year.  Meaning its a very long word to describe the occasion.  I don't think I can spell it.
Stayed up til 1:05 a.m. last night.  woke up at 8 though, so I'm tired.  I did get some waffles made before my sister had to go to work-lame-so she was able to eat some.
She talked me into getting some heeled dance-like shoes at a store yesterday.  they're fun, and were rather cheap.  Finally found her a coat, which she liked better and better as she wore it.  Also got some new gloves so I have a decent pair for both of my coats.
Didn't go to the YSA new years eve party because my back started having issues.  No idea why, and only on the right side.  Tried several exercises to work it out, and finally my dad had to roll a tennis ball around the area before it would ease up.  Still iffy this morning though...
We lit off fireworks too, and I got a nose full of the smoke/gas from a match while lighting the thing.  But we had fun for a while.

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