Tuesday, January 7, 2014


My university is now 125 years old.  They celebrated today with a party in the union atrium starting at 7:30a.m. and culminating with a massive balloon drop from the ceiling at 1:25p.m. after which Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band music group played 'happy birthday' so we could all sing along.  Then they began a cool concert while everyone went to get a piece of the cool cake Vintage Cupcakes made that was basically a model of the whole campus-the icing formed the coloring, the cake made the shapes-and someone even brought them a piece while they took a quick pause between songs.
My best friend is in my intro to visual studies class!  I ran into her while trying to find the back corner classroom-literally, as it was in an office area and we suspect it's a conference room-and that's how we found out.
My intro to linguistics class was right before the balloon drop, so the teacher let us out nearly a half hour early so we could go.  Plus the president had sent out an email asking them too.
The funny part was that the mascot kept 'stealing the show' from the announcer by jumping on stage as they prepared to introduce another speaker.  I was there when the mascot did it right as the President was about to come up.  The announcer gave a kind of helpless gesture and said that the mascot must supersede even the university president and there wasn't much to be done about it.
Check engine light in my truck either turned off or burned out again...
Sent in another application today while getting lunch at Subway with my sister.  Here's hoping...

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