Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Thanks to my dad I got that art assignment done just now.  He had to import the scanner for our printer so I could copy it and then save it(twice, stupid me saved it as a pdf and couldn't alter it until I rescanned and then saved it as a jpeg) before I could play with it.  I think I got a fun idea for it, so we'll see what my teacher thinks.
I need to call that one place back about a job interview-my hands are not keeping up with the strain of my job.  Had to stretch them out after work and they still felt stiff and swollen.  Haven't had a chance yet today.
We got snow this morning and rain after that.  Figures that it would stop before I got to work.  Told my dad it was his fault anyway.  He said we needed it.  Not arguing there, but I'd rather not find out I have to work in it.
Three quizzes in japanese, two online that we have to take and send the results to her, the other in class.  Only two bits of homework and the one is half done already.  Behind on this weeks journals, so I'll do that next.
About caught up with reading Crime and Punishment, just got to page 450 today.  Supposed to be on 600 by next week.  And then we've only got about 67 pages left.  Can't say I'll be sad to read the end.  This book just seems to drag on...

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