Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King Day!

Is this the day he was assassinated or the day of his speech?  Not sure, which may be stupid of me.  No school, but I still have work-I am thinking of going in early though.
My pants have fake pockets-as in they have the outline for the front pockets but no 'depth' in them.  Basically they are decoration.  Interesting...
My brother had to work today too.  My family is hinting that they might come 'heckle' me while I'm waving the sign for a few hours.  I told them I'd find a few hard blunt objects if they tried it.  I doubt they'll do it either way, they just like to torment me.
Got to see my niece-the youngest one-on saturday.  My older one was with my aunt at the time.  Sigh...

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