Friday, February 21, 2014


My friend got me free tickets to her concert on sunday!  Don't know how I'm going to get them from her though.
Still cold but I didn't need a coat.  New hire was dancing when I got to work, but they came in after.  Truck's having starting issues yet again, so I barely had time to eat half of my lunch before running in to work.
Hope I did better on today's quiz in Japanese.  Not so hard to study despite being way tired-as usual-so I know I got at least 12 out of 20.  Really want to do better though..
Moving from Cry to One Hundred Years of Solitude.  So we started in Russia, went to Africa, and now we're in Spain or somewhere like that.
Got my journals and position paper done before class.  Some one beat me to the marquee again, so I had time.  Just need to turn them in.

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