Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And This is Fun...How?

Monday was actually quite nice weather wise.  Mother nature threw me a curve, but I can deal.  Tuesday was good too.  My poor linguistics teacher had to cancel class again-they've definitely got something nasty.  Sounded awful just climbing up to the classroom.  Then a friend talked me into going paint balling despite a headache-my dad drove me over there though-and I wound up with at least four welts from it.  One on each hand and two on my left leg.  Inside on the muscle, one above my knee and one just below.  Another just above my right knee in front.  Both hands got on the back.
Today was not fun.  Windy all morning, and then a mix of snow and hail during the afternoon.  Not cool at work, for sure.  I was freezing, trying to keep hold of my hat thing and the sign-which I lost the former three different times.  We need the moisture, I just wish it hadn't been such a cold version of it.  Actually had a person laugh at the wild hairstyle the wind gave me.
Nearly forgot to finish my japanese homework, but got it done.  Rather tired for the past two days.  Nothing big due this week thankfully.

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