Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy (wet) Valentines Day!

Yep, it was raining again.  Not as much though, so I wasn't at risk of getting soaked.  Found a sign that reads: Honk if you (heart symbol) Liberty.  I thought it was funny and I saw a few people laughing.  Had a pair of junior high boys give me a plate with a heart shaped cookie and some candy while I was dancing.  Then had a person driving past throw a Reece's peanut butter cup at me while shouting something.
My dad borrowed my truck to pick up something, and they traded me for my mom's car, and then my dad's.  Still not cold though, so I'm good with the rain.  We need it for later.
Another quiz in Japanese, which I hope I did okay on.  Test wasn't very good, but I got over half credit. Sigh.  Turned in my first position paper for 3080.  Hope it's what she wanted.  I have just the journal for this week left to do.  Shouldn't take to long.
My parents went to a lover's feast type dinner so us kids-yeah, we're all adults, but we are their kids-are on our own for the rest of the evening.

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