Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well, made it right on time to art this morning-last two weeks I was late on tuesdays,grr-and we got out early as per usual.  The teacher kind of set it up that way so we can due study time for that or other classes.  I like this teacher.  Did my linguistics test-most of it, as we didn't cover all yet-between art and that class.  Actually didn't even need to look at my notes.  The only reason I did at all was for the short answer segment and then just for an idea on the last one.  Then I found out the class had been canceled.  Hope the teacher's not sick...
Work was a bit livelier than usual.  Had two people driving by try to talk to me.  One for directions to Walmart, the other I couldn't hear, sadly.  Then several groups from one to three people passing by.  At least half stopped to chat for a bit.  Cloudy but not too cold.
Went to see the Lego Movie after work.  I found it rather funny, as did my sister and brother who went too.

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