Thursday, February 20, 2014


Still cold today, with wind again.  But a nice person who I think was having a picnic outside the gas station where I stand decided I need some hot chocolate, so they bought me some.  They gave it to me with the warning that it was very hot and very full.  So I stuck it on the curb behind me to cool while I was working.  By then it had partially cooled off.
School was interesting, though I will admit that I spent part of my art class looking away from the video we were watching.  Some of the paintings were nude, and I'd rather not see that.  Didn't tell the teacher thought.  My friend has a concert on sunday with the university orchestra, and I'd like to go.  She just has to give me the info.
Linguistics was canceled again, thanks to my poor teacher getting pneumonia-yikes, that's all I can say. 
So I went home, walked the dogs, then went to work.
Now my grandmother came to visit, because she's in the area I guess.  She's 'interrogating' (joke) my younger brother right now about his job and school.
Called on the school district job but they are looking into an interview time.

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