Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not a Good Idea.

I didn't sleep well last night, and I couldn't get the dishes done this morning.  Got about half before running to school.  Class was normal.  We got out early as usual and so I got four pictures printed for my photography midterm.  Talked to my friend about her concert on sunday.  Then found out my teacher will count it for this extra credit stamp book thing she's been doing all semester.
Watched an artist who's visiting the school while they were laying out a work using sea salt.  Rather cool, but takes a lot of patience.  Got my lunch before linguistics.  Turns out that poor teacher not only has pneumonia, but H1N1 too.  As the nurse/doctor told them, they couldn't say how they were alive.  They made it to class today though.
On my way to work had my heart attack for the day.  Had a bit of stop and go traffic so I was keeping a bit more space between me and the car ahead when they stopped suddenly.  I stopped just fine behind them, and was leaning forward to grab something that had slid off the seat while stopping and felt a jolt mixed with a hard thud.  I nearly hit the steering wheel-not cool, but I missed-then twisted to see a small white car way too close to my truck bumper.
They put two gouges in their front bumper, and a paint scuff on my rear one.  And my stomach hasn't settled since...
Work was almost too warm despite the refreshing breeze from time to time. Figures.

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