Monday, February 10, 2014


Yeah, not really.  Some passerby on the sidewalk told me I'd be courting the flu if I stayed out there much longer while waving the sign.  Given it wasn't nearly as cold as last week-I didn't even need my coat despite the wind-, I  didn't agree but chose not to make an issue of it.
Test today in Japanese, which I think I remembered more than I thought despite my lack of studying over the weekend-thank you lord-and having to rush through the homework.  The other classes were normal.
Was raining a bit this morning.  My parents took a sick day-dad was not feeling good and mom wanted to care for him-so they were watching the Olympics.
My mom told me she couldn't tell that I'd cut my hair-took off six inches instead of the two the stylist thought would get rid of the splits-and didn't comment on my eyebrows.
The dance was fun until I backed into a wall after removing my heels and kicked the corner of a extra wall bit with my left heel.  Twisted it rather painfully it the process. Sigh...

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