Monday, February 3, 2014


That wind was soooo not cool.  Freezing yes, cool no. My dad just made me change it from cold to freezing.  he's making fun of my choice of words.  Either way, work was not fun.  I spent nearly fifteen minutes thawing each time.
We've got a winter weather advisory in effect for tonight, something about 5 inches to a foot overnight.  Work will definitely be interesting tomorrow...
Didn't do as well on that quiz in Japanese as I'd hoped. Sigh.  Kanji test is wednesday, with more homework too-is the teacher ever going to give us a break with that?-due the same time.
Group of students had a petition to open up voting-in a way get rid of the electoral college type thing-for the state.  Might be interesting to see how far it goes.
Noticed today that I'm getting a lot better at parallel parking.  Got the truck into a space I normally couldn't have.

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